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Crooked_Lake_Map_2004The primary purpose of Defenders of Crooked Lake (DoCL) is to provide education and public awareness in order to preserve the natural beauty, purity of water, inherent ecological value and quality of living that distinguishes Crooked Lake of Babson Park, Florida.

We foster protection, preservation and enhancement efforts in order to maintain one of the few remaining pristine fresh water lakes in Florida. We will foster collaborative efforts with governmental agencies, private foundations, corporations, elected officials and individuals in order to reach goals pertaining to the preservation of Crooked Lake and its surrounding areas.

Our Quarterly Newsletter is the Waterline, which is mailed to all members.

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Waterline – 2018 Fall Newsletter

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Watershed Basics

Houses, open fields, and forests are all part of a watershed. While every inch of land belongs to a complex, physical network of watersheds, the natural high areas of land describe a watershed’s boundary. High and low points of the land determine how rainwater that falls onto tree leaves and rooftops eventually finds its way into our lake. As rainwater moves through the watershed, it picks up bacteria and chemicals and carries them to our streams, rivers, lakes and coasts. Improper disposal of motor oil, pet waste and over-fertilization of a lawn all contribute to this pollution. Because of its many random sources, we all share responsibility for this pollution — called nonpoint-source pollution.

Pledge to make a difference in your watershed, click here to learn more.

Who to call about environmental concerns and to report environmentally harmful activities.

Every one of us contributes pollution to our streams, lakes, bays and oceans. The wastewater, dirt, and debris of our lives eventually drains downstream (by roads or yards into Crooked Lake). Each of us must minimize our contribution to keep our water healthy and enjoyable. Some materials are powerful pollutants like raw sewage, petroleum, or pesticides, but even natural, biodegradable plant materials can add nitrogen to water resources and cause algal blooms and fish kills. Please use this link to assist you in reporting an incident concerning Crooked Lake to the correct State of Florida agency. Learn More about Reporting Pollution.

You can help by learning more about Florida’s non-native invasive plants and by helping us locate and control these silent invaders.
Topedo Grass is the biggest invasive plants on Crooked Lake at this time.

There are fourteen generic herbicide active ingredients and dozens of trade names registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) for use in aquatic sites in Florida (i.e., for application directly to water).

For general information about Lake Plant Management in Florida click here.

Click here, for a list of plants for lakefront plant re-vegetation from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Division of Habitat and Species Conservation.

Current Lake Information

As of Oct 1, 2018:  The lake level at Bob’s Landing was 118.68 feet above sea level.

Click on chart for a 5 year view of the monthly lake level.

Click on chart for an 10 year lake level chart.

Click on chart for a 25 year lake level chart.

Click on chart for a 50 year lake level chart.

For the latest available contour maps of the Crooked Lake’s bottom click here and another map from 2010.

These maps can be used to determine where “holes” (deep spots) exist on the lake bottom. Such areas are often productive for freshwater fishing.

To explore general as well as scientific information about the movement, chemistry and biology of  the surface water environment for Crooked Lake click here. Also included will be The Trophic State Index, Nutrient Chemistry, Water Clarity, Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen scores, both current and historical.



Current Month Moon Phase Calendar

Monthly Weather Information for Crooked Lake – Babson Park, FL

Sunset over Crooked Lake May 1, 2008

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Sunrise & Sunset Times on Crooked Lake – Babson Park, FL

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